"At all times the repetition of the Divine Name should be kept up. Through the practice of the Name enjoyment, liberation, peace, all these will blossom forth."

Ma Anandamayi


(recorded Zoom-live-course spring 2021)

for experienced students

English with German translation

In 5 lectures (about 60 min each) we explore the 5 most effective keys to meditation with a Sanskrit Mantra.

All lessons are based on the timeless teachings of Sri Ma Anandamayi. The talks are delivered in a very inspiring, loving way that is full of humour and down to earth examples.

(Please forgive some of the technical hick-ups and occasional connectivity issues that happen when a live-meeting is held between Europe and India. This however should not impair the learning experience)

This course goes into the depth and subtle stages of consciousness. It is for students who have already started practicing with a mantra and want inspiration and guidance for their progress. (It is not a beginners course to teach you the basics of what is a mantra and how to use a mala)

What you receive:

  • Gurusharanji shares 5 Keys to dive deep into your Mantra Japa Practice
  • how to work with the 4 stages of sound
  • how to recognize the progress of your practice
  • Ma's words, inspiring stories and wisdom from the scriptures

You will have a 5 week access to the 5 lessons.

We recommend listening to one lesson each week.

May this offering inspire and deepen your sadhana!

Jai Ma!

What participants say... / Was TeilnehmerInnen sagen...


"The courses with Gurusharanji and Saraswati are an enriching experience for everyone. Even if one is not so familiar with a yogic lifestyle yet, one can easily grasp the essence in all the stories and examples. After every class confidence and happiness keeps vibrating in my being, which I in turn radiate to others, as I have been told."


"Die Kurse bei Gurusharanji und Saraswati sind eine Bereicherung für jede und jeden. Auch, wenn man der yogischen Lebensweise noch nicht so nahe ist kann man die Essenz in all den Beispielen wunderbar erfassen. Nach jeder Einheit schwingt Fröhlichkeit und Zuversicht in gleichem Maße in mir, die ich unweigerlich ausstrahle. So zumindest das feedback."

Elke Walser


"Thank you for this wonderful, heartwarming Mantra Japa Course. The knowledge was transmitted in such a loving way, that one doesn`t ever want to stop listening. I definitely recommend this course and am looking forward to the next one."


"Ich danke euch für diesen wundervollen, herzerwärmenden Mantrakurs. Man bekam das Wissen auf so liebevolle Art und Weise vermittelt, dass man am liebsten garnicht mehr aufhören möchte zuzuhören. Der Kurs ist auf jeden Fall weiterzuempfehlen und ich freue mich auf den Satsang Kurs."

Nicole Schäfer



-50% for NAVARATRI

Mantra Japa with Gurusharanji / 5 weeks

Swami Gurusharan shares the most valuable clues to experience transformation through Mantra Japa.

For all practicioners that want to dive deeper into precious Mantra Sadhana.


MANTRA JAPA Course with Sw Gurusharan

5 weeks self-study / 5 Wochen Selbststudium


Mantra Japa Course for repeating participants of the live course / für wiederholende TeilnehmerInnen des Live Kurses

5 weeks self-study course / 5 Wochen Selbststudium

If you participated in the live program and would like to repeat the course, this is a special - 50% offer for you.

Wenn Du an dem Live-Programm teilgenommen hast, und den Kurs gerne wiederholen würdest, ist dies ein spezielles - 50% Angebot für Dich.